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Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease

Framingham Heart Study

Over a decade of collaboration with the Framingham Heart Study has yielded fundamental information about the relationship between coronary artery calcium, ectopic fat, and cardiovascular disease. More recent work applied the 2013 ACC/AHA statin guidelines and 2015 CMS lung cancer screening eligibility guidelines to characterize the risk of cardiovascular events and subclinical atherosclerosis in these clinically relevant populations.

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Cardiometabolic Disease, Cardiac Structure, and Cardiovascular Risk

Metabolic syndrome is a well-established risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Although obesity has frequently been cited as central to CVD risk, emerging literature suggests that cardiometabolic risk may evolve independently from body mass index (BMI). The goal of this research is to understand the determinants of cardiometabolic disease and their impact on cardiac structure, function, and prognosis.

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